Hi there, curly beauties! I am in need of some expert curly advice:

I have recently moved to the Southwest and the new climate is leaving my hair DRY and frizzy and, as a result, difficult to manage. I wash my hair every other day, and basically on the morning of day 2 it looks so dull, shapeless and dried out that I resort to putting in up and spend much time untangling it the next day =\


curl type: 2c, the Jewish explosion
texture: very fine
color: naturally light brown w/some gold & copper. I have been dying it chocolate brown or black to match my eyebrows and skin tone (I've tried to only use mostly natural dyes, like Aveda)
length: medium, 2-3" below the shoulders
styling: I put the milk in my wet or damp hair, brush it out w/my fingers, scrunch, let air dry almost completely, then diffuse.
products: shea moisture thickening shampoo, conditioner & milk from Target (I have been using their curl line, but have switched).

Another concern is that I have very sensitive skin: I have been hesitant in applying anything too oily in fear of breaking out on my face and neck. I would prefer all-natural products, but at this point anything goes! Please, let me know what you think!

Thanks a bunch


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