I have a stupid question. How long does it take to transition? And how do you know that all of your rebonded hair has been cut off? It's just that a year ago my not curly hair was rebonded (Shameful, I know) because my mom got sick of my hair being not completely straight but not curly (just a VERY slight bend) either. Just a poofy mess. So I was wondering how'd I know if it's my natural hair and that all the rebonded strands are cut off.
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It depends on your growth rate. Usually it's about .5 inches per month (of curly growth), which means, depending on how long you want it, you have to do the math and wait.

My mother was actually relatively supportive of my hair (though I never wore it down, like ever), so I'm sorry to hear that. I transitioned for around 3 years, and never truly did a BC. My hair is currently SL curly dry (BSL wet).

I also understand what you mean by differentiating your hair. I still have the random wavy/3a strands on my hair that I thought were relaxed, but I suppose they're natural. Usually, you can tell because the relaxed part usually manifests as stringy strands coming out from curls (though, in your case, your curls probably aren't defined yet). The curl pattern should be different too, but I thought that was fairly obvious. Look at your roots for the curl pattern.
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