I just found this stuff yesterday as I was looking for a base conditioner to add a bunch of oils and butters to and use as a deep conditioner to beat some moisture into my hair. Somehow I came home with the shampoo and had to go back out and get the conditioner lol. I used the shampoo to clarify and then used the now beefed up conditioner after. It may have been all the junk I added, but there wasn't much trouble getting a comb through it...I'm letting it sit now and I'm hoping for great results...I ended up mixing too much of the deep conditioner for the bottle I had, so I just added it back to the plain conditioner so maybe it'll work for a cowash or leave-in. I kinda like the smell; I was intending to get the Coconut, but the smell was kinda womp-womp. It's a fruity-vanilla thing, but it doesn't come off as candy or pastry-like to me...I don't get down with smelling like a pop-tart...that's where I draw the line...LOL