Hey guys.
This is my very first post. I've searched around here for a little while but never said anything.

Anyway, I got my first Deva cut last week and was amazed at how my curls looked when I left. I think I told her 3 times that I had no idea my curls looked like that lol Still a little frizzy as my usual hair always is but 10 times better.

Anyway, after my cut I was a little frustrated the next day because it felt a little greasy and I was trying for second day hair and it just came out a little frizzy. But I went with it.

So yesterday I finally tried washing it by myself. I used all the products she gave me and styling it how she told me and doing everything as I was told.

But then it came out like this. I was so frustrated I started crying. Not the first time I've cried over my hair (I'm sure not an uncommon sentiment)

Anyway, I'm just curious if by looking at these pictures I can get any opinions on what might be going on. Is it something I did? Is my hair just not to be helped?

I'm so frustrated at this point I want to just cut it all off. I feel like being in my mid-20s I should be able to do my hair, but alas I'm still trying to figure it out.

Also, if this is any help, this is what my hair looked like before the cut and style with my Deva stylist. Drastic difference IMO.

Thanks for any help!

Also, people keep telling me my hair looks thinner after my cut, is that normal? She didn't take that much off, just a little off some ends.

Edited to add:
This is my hair today (I haven't done it so forgive me lol). So it seems to have calmed down a little but still frizzy. I'm so confused

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