I think I'll try that next then! TJBM does some sort of miracle for clumping my hair properly, but I think I might just mix it with GDI for a leave-in and switch my condish. CJ Smoothing Assurance is okay, but it's not particularly moisturizing, nor does it clump well. It has nice slip though.

On a side note, I think I'll probably try that side braid thing this week sometime. I just DT'ed, so I'm a bit hesitant, but my game plan for later this week is this:

Wash at night (which is relatively rare for me) after detangling in the morning
- Using TN as a co-wash
- Using CJ Smoothing Assurance as a LI
- while braiding (while wet, and again, at night), mixing in Karen's Body Beautiful leave-in (which makes my hair really soft)

My braiding, I figured, I have very little chance to get all the hair on one side, so I'll do two braids, starting from high neck.

And then sleeping and waking up to see what happens. Worst case scenario I wear it as a braid out, or bun it (if it's absolutely terrible).
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