How does one get glowing without glitter?
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Agreed with Myrna. Glowing can mean different things. I.e., shimmer and pearlescence can give a glow. Shimmer is like glitter but with smaller particles. So shimmer is less intense. Some highlighters are pearlescent, which is an even softer look.

You can also get a glow from moisture or sheen. E.g., wearing liquid foundation without powder on top can give a certain dewy glow. Mac makes an oil that can be mixed with foundation to enhance the effect.

Hi, New Black, thank you for the reply. Revlon Skinlights is too "lit up", I have it and use it as a highllighter, also, I think it may be discontinued, do you know? Was not able to find the Nivea product you mentioned when I googled it.

Im a gal on a budget and cannot do the high end foundations. I would like a foundation that can be "built", ie, you can vary the coverage. I have very fair skin with a pink tone, not beige or yellow, and prefer a liquid. My eyes and hair are dark. I currently use 2 Maybelline foundations, Dream Mousse, and Age Rewind; I also have a MK foundation that is supposed to be luminous, and the jury is out on that product as of yet. Someone recommended a new Benefit foundation...

Additional comments appreciated.
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Sorry, I don't know if that other product is disc.

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