Hair care is done by things like coarse vs fine and porosity. To a lesser extent, numerical type plays a role. I use 'black' products. Are they not supposed to work on me because I'm White with type 3 hair? There are Black type 4s who use 'white' products. Being shunted into product based on race or ethnicity isn't going to necessarily give you the best hair care options.
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ITA, your hair properties are what determines what is best for hair, not ethnicity. Which is why there is no such thing as "bi-racial hair".
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Agreed. I get the biggest eye-roll when I see that phrase. Just stop.
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+ one million.

As mentioned everyone is entitled to an opinion. my opinion is hair doesn't have an ethnicity or race and it is COMPLETELY POINTLESS to tell us this information when describing a hair problem or issue. Some people don't agree. To each his own but I think there is a reason some thread questiond get fewer replies.

Anyway, I believe the point of this thread is to help people find products that might work for them. I hope we can get back on topic. Great thread idea. I think I almost found my match.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.