Looking for my hair twin!

I've been trying CG for quite a while now, and I feel like I still haven't gotten it quite right.

Curl pattern: 2a/b? I seem to have three different textures: stronger waves (even some ringlets) underneath, mostly straight roots with an odd bend in the very front, waves on the top layers, weak waves in the back. Even when I get a nice pattern going, my hair still looks so...flyaway-y! I think my avatar is a good indicator of that.
Texture: Fine.
Porosity: Medium-high? It mostly floats in the sink/float test, but is definitely bumpy in the strand texture test.
Density: Medium-high? I can't see scalp except for my part, but my ponytail is weaksauce. I haven't measured, but the circumference is maybe that of a quarter?
Elasticity: Low? When I do a strand test, it sometimes retains its shape, and sometimes it recoils into some crazy kinky-curly business!

CG/modCG/not CG: modCG. My current conditioner has bis-aminopropyl dimethicone, so when it runs out, I'm going to find something new.

Hard/soft water: No clue. I think Chicago has hard-ish water?

Average climate/dew points: Chicago. Morning relative humidity in the 80s, dew point 30s (spring), 60s (summer), 40s (fall), 10s (winter).

HG/Go-to Products: Unsure. Deva Ultra Defining Gel has been nice so far, but it's still not HG-worthy.

Fall/Winter combos: Unsure
Spring/Summer combos: Unsure

Favorite styling techniques and why: Unsure
Techniques that didn’t work and why: Raking takes out any wave. Haven't tried ploppin/pineappling/etc. because my hair's on the shorter side.
Hair Twins: Still looking!

Hair characteristics: I can't seem to get any good clumping going on the upper layers. My waves disappear really easily: a loose ponytail, or even a steady wind, can make my hair lifeless.

My hair has a great pattern when I get out of the shower and apply product, but seems to straighten out in the drying process. I typically air-dry, because even using a diffuser creates a lot of surface frizz. Honestly, I feel like my hair can frizz or get flyaways right out of the shower. It can take *hours* to dry completely. I also did ombré on the ends of my hair a few months ago, so they're still rather dry and unhappy. I would never call my hair shiny, not even on a good day.

My avatar is my hair after using the Deva line with the newer ultra defining gel. It's the best second-day hair I've had in a long time, so maybe Deva is right for me. I suppose my questions are: 1) Protein or moisture? Lighter products, or heavy? 2) Is there a way to even out the texture? 3) What types of products should I be looking for: butter, gel, mousse? I clearly need help with definition, hold, and shine.

Sorry for the short essay, but after a few years of experimenting and still not seeing the results of so many people on this site, I'm really at a loss!
Keeping it simple so far...
Shampoo/Condish: Deva Care No-Poo, Wella Brilliance Conditioner for Colored Hair
Currently trying: Deva Ultra Defining Gel

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