Hi all. I'm a 3b mostly.. Lately suffering from dry and frizzy hair.. And top of that itchy dry scalp. So i figured to switch products, thinking my hair needs some more moisturizer. I'be been thinking to use CJCIAB in order with Curls Rehab as a dp or leave in. Would this would be a good combination to use against frizz/dryness? Do i need a styler on top after both like ecostyler or kccc?
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Have you tried a protein treatment? If you use CJ products, you may like CJ Repair Me!
It's great as PT and it's moisturizing enough so you don't need following with a DC.
I think you need a product like Jessicurl Confident Coils. More than definition, you need frizz control. If you want more definition, you can add Jessicurl Rockin'Ringlets. But also KCCC is great!!!
Oh, itchy scalp! I can understand you.
Maybe some ingredient in some product is too aggressive for you. Try SM Black African line. It's for itchy dry scalp.
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