I think you've pretty much proven that ethnicity is really not an important factor here. There is so much mixture in genes of different backgrounds in the population that going by ethnicity will get you nowhere or not too far. The majority of us have a mixture of more than one pure race.....even if you're unaware of it. That's why someone saying they're from ethnicity-A won't help much if someone from ethnicity-B also has that A's properties. Anyway, I was really digging this thread but it's going in the wrong direction. Lets get back on board.

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It depends on how you look at it. If everybody here came from a multi-ethnic background, ethnicity wouldn't help on this forum given the fact that nobody really has the exact same mixture. However, if you look at it in a broad point of view, ethnicity has more to do with physical similarities than limiting your options by general hair properties alone. Just because your hair properties are the same on Naturally Curly's scale, doesn't mean your hair is just as similar as someone who has a more similar genetic background as you with the same hair properties.
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