Have been CG since about January (so about 2 months) Couple weeks ago took the plunge and got a Devacut. I love the results so much! I have so much less fussing in the morning, as my curls just seem to form more uniformly by themselves. Also got my growing out highlights covered by an all-over brown color. The dark color makes my skin look so much better! Haven't been this dark in years, but I like it alot!

Now am just waiting for it to grow. Would like to eventually be past shoulder length. All my hair fell out a few years ago due to Alopecia Areata and I have only had hair for about 9 months now, so I think any hair is wonderful, but now I want to keep it all and never cut it again!! Since starting CG my hair is so soft, I used to have dry, crunchy, dull hair and was always fighting it. Now that I just let it dry naturally it usually looks better, but it was hard to break the habit of styling and trying to control it. And I think it will look better and better as it gets longer. Have been using all Devacurl products, but have a shipment of Jessicurl products coming and will try those next. Am already using the WDT though and it is wonderful stuff!

Anyway, the hair pictures are on my website, on the last page. You can see plenty of pictures of what my hair used to look like years ago on some of the other pages.
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Ok, I officially hate you because your hair is sooo freakin' perfect! Ok, please tell me your cg routine because you know I need to know. Serioiusly, your hair is soo beautful. Someday I dream to have perfect small coils and ringlets like yours.
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