Hi tr3kkie9rl - hair color is not really an indicator of porosity, but hair that is dameged (through coloring, heat, etc.) is usually higher porosity. The easiest way to know your porosity is probably to get the hair analysis through the live curly live free site. However, if you don't want to spend the $$, there are some things you can check at home. First, hold a single strand of hair by the end, and then run your thumb and first finger of your other hand up the strand to the root. If the hair feels smooth and slippery, that's an indicator of low porosity. If it feels mostly smooth with some bumps, it's likely normal porosity. If your fingers feel like they keep "catching" on your hair, or it feels very rough, that's an indicator of high porosity. Another indicator of porosity is how well your hair aborbs products and how fast it dries. If you have low porosity hair, it takes longer to get wet/absorb moisture and longer to dry (I've seen posts from low porosity curlies stating it can take 8-9 hours for their hair to air dry), and often times people will complain of products "sitting" on top of their hair. High porosity hair aborbs products and moisture quickly, and will also dry out quickly.

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fine, dense, normal porosity/elasticity, dry climate

My favorite brands are Kinky Curly, As I am, Curly Kinks, Curl Junkie, and Darcy's Botanicals. Also love sealing with oils (loving argan oil right now) and styling with jelly products (KCCC is my current favorite). Mostly trying to keep it simple!

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