I found that Organic root stimulator, Replenishing Pak, is awesome!

It imparts moisture and gives my Fine Porous strands a nice light shot of protien.

Plus its only $1.29 to try a sample pak
If you dont like it, its only about a dollar

After I shampoo, I dont use a rise out conditioner, I just dry, by wrapping a old t-shirt around it (less frizz vs. towel drying). Then on clean damp hair I apply the PAK, put on a plastic shower cap and a beenie for an 1+ or just 15min under the dryer, if Im short on time. Then rise, And wow! juicy curls everytime!!

I have used this method with the following and had good results:

Aussie 3min
Mane & Tail Deep Moisture (seal with EVOO)
Yes to Carrots(seal with EVOO)
Plain full fat yogurt+EVOO
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$1.29 is def cheap so it's gonna be on my list for sure lol thank you!