Thanks, Garden. I was reading elsewhere about shea, and coconut as well as silk and panthenol causing problems for people (in the archives). Some it caused dryness.

I didn't use PM Shine. I Used framesi - yesterday - which might be worse! I read online that framesi was all natural then after my mother colored it (semi-perm), I read the box and was HORRIFIED!

Great, and I just got miles of hair cut off.

My hair is SOOOO short now, so I have to start over, but I do have to color. I don't like going around with half gray hair. I look so much better b/c of the color but I truly just want my hair to be back to health and not damaged.
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I'll bet your hair looks great! Does it look healthier now that it's short? Is it hard to keep your hands out of it? When I chopped mine, I thought I'd be horrified, but when it immediately sprang up into curls, and it was shiny and soft, I almost cried! Now that I know better, I'll take short healthy curls over long scraggly hair anytime.

Yes, Framesi is just like every other demi/demi permanent coloring because you have to use a peroxide developer for it to deliver the color into the hair. It doesn't matter what's in the actual "dye", you still have to use peroxide for anything that doesn't wash right out. I won't use anything more than a 10 volume developer. While this still causes damage (it has to in order to lift pigment) I get way more color with way less dryness than when I used 20 volume. I don't think Framesi sells less than 20 volume with their "brand" name, but I buy my developer dirt cheap at Sally's. You could use the Framesi color with 10 volume developer, and it may even add more pigment to the gray hairs. With 10 volume you want to use a lighter color than you think you want, because it doesn't lift much. I find, with my grays, I get a much better color match with 10 volume because it doesn't strip so much. I have copper-auburn hair, but I use a level 8 color, and it works perfectly.

I had never heard about shea, coconut, and panthenol (vitamin B5), causing dryness. Oh great. I just learned about Polyquats in this thread. I know panthenol is water soluble, so if it can't bind to the shaft it probably just slides off severely damaged hair. Now that I know it's possible, I think my hair isn't too fond of much panthenol either. It's really hard to find many hair care products that don't have panthenol! KCCC and KCKT are two of them (from what I can tell...I could be wrong), but I'm having a hard time finding others besides the ones I mention below.

"Silk" is probably "silk protein" and that can be nasty stuff...So that definitely leaves out the SheaMoisture line for you, and don't use the Cure Care I mentioned before. Or CCCClite, and CCCC,

Out of the products I mentioned in my previous thread, I still think these may help moisturize your hair: GVP (Biolage) Conditioning Balm, LeKair Cholesterol, Free & Clear Conditioner, Jessicurl's Conditioners, Give it a couple of weeks of heavy-duty moisture (as LISA LISA said as well!), and then start getting adventurous again. The Jessicurl products have Shea in them, so you may want to avoid them, however, they do not have proteins, vitamin B5, coconut or wheat.

LISA LISA - your experience sounds so, so much like what I went through prior to August 2011! Protein turned out to be a major culprit for me, as well, and I learned that my hair wants to soak up ridiculous amounts of moisture. I also found that dimethicone was not my friend. Now I can use it once in a while, but before I knew better, all the products I was using for "healing" were loaded with proteins, silicones, glycerin, panthenol, SLS, and (now I know) polyquats. No wonder I had crappy hair! I'm SO SO SO SO glad I found this site, and others who understand!

Thanks to this thread, I have some possible explanations for what caused my bout of horrific tangling last week. My hair was so dry and tangly I was afraid I needed to cut it again. In order to "help" my hair, I had done a few treatments with Ouidad Biotin Serum, which is supposed to help dryness and tangles, and I did one DT with Ouidad Omega-3 Hair Treatment. Both of these are loaded with B vitamins, polyquats, and amino acids! Plus, the SheaMoisture stuff I was drenching my hair with is full of silk proteins (and shea, obviously).

I'm starting this week (as of yesterday) with Jessicurl Too Shea, and KCCC. I'm going to stick to KC products and some Jessicurl this week, and see what happens.

BTW - LISA LISA I love your bat!
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