Well I'm back after about 2 months and my curl/coil definition has definitely changed/increased. I didn't really think I had any curl or coil pattern at all a couple months ago.......but since then my hair's developed all these coils everywhere, kinda like the spring on the inside of a pen just a bit bigger in diameter. I can't say that it's actually my natural pattern changing though, I think maybe before I just wasn't taking the best care of my hair or something. I stopped using shampoo since then and only use conditioner and I've ditched any kind of cone containing products and I've also stopped picking my hair out and I only use my fingers to mess with it. It also might have something to do with the length increase??? I doubted though cause it's still just an afro, it's not like it hangs or anything. But either way, I've got coils all over my hair that I didn't have before. Just thought I'd give an update.