I completely understand where you're coming from. I hardly see that many Indians with curly hair mainly because they straighten it or brush it enough that it becomes a big frizzy pom-pom (thats what I used to do in elementary-middle school). Over the years, I have gotten to maintain my natural curls in a way that helps we embrace them, not hide them away. My method goes as follows:

1. I wash my hair twice a week using Baby Shampoo (it works great, take my word for it!) and a deep conditioner.
2. Once a week, I oil my hair and sleep on it over night. I sleep with a "scarf" rapped around my hair so not to get the oil on my skin and pillow. The next morning I wash it out thoroughly.
3. I use a leave in conditioner spray and a very light curl-forming cream to help give my curls a shape. Twisting your hair with your finger should do the trick.

*What you eat also effects your hair. Keep track of a healthy diet for both your skin and curls. It can effect the growth pattern of your hair and its texture. Remember to be aware of your living environment, the weather plays a big part in how your curls work. Most importantly, be confident with what you have. It may not be easy or of the norm but its what sets you apart from everyone else. Hope this was helpful!