Hmm.... Might have to try that 3 in 1 mousse! (down, PJ, DOWN!!)

Most of my stuff is drug store or Sally's. Well, all in fact! I won't pay more than $10 for products (SM retention stuff, mainly) and the ones I pay $10 for better last me a while!!

I have not given in to any splurges, tho I might allow myself to once in a while. Itching to try pure argan oil and Curl Keeper... Maybe they'll go on my Xmas list!

All my products are in my siggy, too, tho it may need a little updating. And I can't see siggies on my iPhone!

My cheapest products are LAL gels and Suave Nats condish. But like i said, everything else is under $10 - tho info have BRHG, which was just over $10 but it lasts me at least a year!

Cheap tools - I use t-shirts and kitchen dish towels (flour sack towels, maybe you'd call them?), and an old imitation Aquis towel that does WONDERS for plopping! (one side is like a t-shirt)
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I tried the plopping method but it didnt work for me any tips ( i did this for volume and an easier hair routine)