My hair has always been thin I have just had a lot of it. NOW it looks horrible. Looks like I am balding on the top. Very thin looking. Trying to poo 3 times a week and am still conditioning everyday. Have not had a change to go buy some new products yet. I am lost by all the advice on what I should try/buy. I don't want to spend a fortune on a products then it not work for my hair. Any suggestions on thickening my hair density (I guess that is what it is called..The volume of my hair) Not necessarily the thickening of the actual hair but the thickening of hair period. I am growing out the dye that is why the color of my hair is making it worse looking because of the grey. I will be cutting most of it off with a "new" hairstyle sometime this month. I am still curly stylist searching. I know now by what I have found out on this site that I am 3b/low density/high porosity/thin. Right now it is long length but will change soon. I use head&shoulders because of dandruff and itchy scalp. I have noticed it is itchier now that I am pooing less. What should I do for that issue as well?
One more thing, anyone know where you can get small quantities of hair care products for curly's? Like enough to "try" out, samples! Sorry I am so long winded. Just a lot of info I have been reading through and steps I have started to take so now more things come up. First picture is day one and the second picture is about a half hour ago. Third picture is the top of my hair (looks like almost ALL scalp) Thank for all your help!
PS. Almost for got the most important part. I have stopped using my brush I use my fingers now to "de-tangle" my hair. Even in the shower I have to "clean" my fingers they are covered in so much hair. This has been for a while (when it wasn't my fingers it was my brush I had to clean). Even when I put on the styling product and try to get it through my hair my fingers get covered in loose hair.
Again Thank you for all your help and suggestions,
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