Xmm....well I dye my hair blue-black and I m using Qod max..
It defenetely takes out the blue shade and it quikly turns into a very dark brown-almost black....I hate any brown shade on my hair and I 'm trying to find a way to retain the colour after keratin.

If you dont mind, could you post your review for Kerapremium after you've used it?
I think that it will be my next purchase
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Hi Bruchilda! I have the treatment now on my hair. I will report to you after I wash it.
So far I notice that the consistency of the Kerapremium is a bit more "creamier" than the Original QOD Max I was used to use. The QOD had "sand-like" little "bubbles?" with creamy consistency (trying to find the correct way to describe it). So it easier to over saturate the hair with the product. (but again, my hair was just colored so it was sucking in the product) It smells the same and it feels the same as it coats the hair.

So far my hair color is the same as before I applied. Sadly I did a color correction after trying to go lighter, my hair was pulling too much brassiness, so I threw ash toner on it, my hair grabbed to much ash. But I was ok with it since I thought the kerapremium was going to pull a little bit of copper tones as last time. But in this case, it did not change the color at all. So I will wait two weeks to throw in another toner. I guess this one does not altered the hair color as the QOD Max did to me.

I will post some more after is all set and done.