It could be a little bit of a lot of different things. Switching from regular hair products and techniques to the Deva stuff (or any pure CG routine) can cause a few weeks of strange hair- the dreaded adjustment period. Many people also notice that their hair takes a week or two to get back to normal after haircuts. So doing both at the same time could be making your hair freak out a little, but it would just be temporary. I also know from experience that the techniques take a bit of time to really do well. My version of scrunching now is way different than my version of scrunching a year ago.

One thing to note is that you might want to do a clarifying wash with a silicone-free sulfate shampoo (Suave Naturals or Daily Clarifying are great cheap options). The Deva cleansers do have coco betaine, but I saw on their FB page (I think it was a post by Devachan) that even with use of their No-Poo it could take time to fully remove silicone buildup. One good sulfate wash would take care of this issue for you.

Aside from that, learning your hair properties will be a great help in finding the right products, whether they are Deva or not. I stopped using most of my Deva products when I found this site because so many people complained about them, but once I understood my hair and what I needed, I did start using some of them again. No-Poo and One C are part of my regular rotation and I can't wait to try the Ultra Defining Gel.

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