I have been wanting to try Renpure's Cleansing Conditioners for a long time. I find my hair is definitely at its best when I use Cleansing Conditioners or Conditioner-only. It takes like a week to "get over" any clarifying or experimentation to which I subject my hair. I really should just gain some self-control.

Have any of you tried them? (Not trying to hijack this thread...they can be recs for tenapaige as well)

tenapaige - it does sound like your hair is similar to mine, but mine is kind of thicker at the roots, because the ends are quite damaged. You may want to avoid lots of protein, and, depending upon your climate, lots of glycerin.

Now that the "canopy" on the top of my head is growing out of the mullet-like chop I performed on it (with sewing scissors, eek) over a year ago, it's starting to "triangle" a bit. And that top section of hair is still completely different from the hair on the rest of my head! It's like Barbie doll hair. I hate it.
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I did try the Renpure cleansing conditioner (Ren) and didn't really care for it. I didn't think it cleansed or conditioned especially well. It also has amodimethicone, if that's a consideration for you (I'm modified CG, so I don't mind occasional cones).

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