Hi Curlilocks,

I finally did it -- colored my hair myself for the first time. I used the #7 Robert Craig Golden Chestnut as you suggested. I'm really happy with it!. I wish the grey had come out a tad darker, so I might leave it on for 1 hour next time instead of 45 minutes, but I'm really thrilled with the result. I was surprised at how easy it was. I was concerned I would come out purple or do something really wrong.

Thanks again for the great advice and encouragement! I'm going to try to attach thumbnails. The first picture is from the night I colored it, but it is indoor lighting - not the best. The second picture is from the next day, but it's outside, so it gives a better sense of the color. Thanks again!! Stephanie
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Is Robert Criag a semi permanent color?-img_1820.jpg   Is Robert Criag a semi permanent color?-img_1833.jpg  
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