So is your mother's hair longer WITH the relaxer or WITHOUT b/c you wrote: after my mom stopped getting relaxers from damage since she also has a permanent color, and in only 3 years her hair has grown almost to tailbone length. (I noticed also that my mom's hair is longer than it was when she was natural as well, however her hair is undeniably more damaged from 2x chemical treatments). QUOTE]

I'm sure transitioning is a difficult commitment...maybe see how healthy you can get your relaxed hair first. Depending on how drastic of a change your natural hair is from your processed hair, it will be even more difficult. Also, do you plan to style your hair in a natural state for years to come and are no longer interested in the relaxed look and styles? That would be something I would seriously consider before transitioning. I think it's great when people learn to live with, appreciate and enjoy their natural hair but I also think it's important to like the end result and not alter it after so much hard work and committment. What do I know though, I've never really been in that situation. I've relaxed my hair over the years but my hair never really changed that much from it's original curl pattern so growing back was not much work.
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