No they don't oil it or anything. They use Cantu shea butter, a foam sealant from sallys, and regular sulfate shampoos. I wanna buy her a shampoo for scalp issues, like one from the shea moisture line, and start doing scalp massages with tea tree and coconut oil. They shampoo and wash her hair once or twice a week. I think her hair needs more attention to the scalp and less heavy products, and more shampooing. Idk. It's like crusty and there's a lot of it. I wanna take her to the derm when i can afford it cause this is crazy..

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Just using any old shampoo doesn't work well for my scalp. Back when I used whatever after two days dandruff was back. If you use the right shampoo you probaly won't have to do it more often than you do now. Trouble is Most danduff shampoos are great for my scalp but dry out my hair. Not so with TJTTT. Edenbodyworks shampoo is good too but probably a little more drying. The sM purification mask is good. Some oils cause dandruff problems for me. I can't leave EVOO in my hair. If they want to stick to Cantu but it's too oily maybe using less or not all the way to her roots. I moisturize my hair with a version of the Kimmaytube recipe.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.