My oldest daughter is 4 and has (I think) type 4 hair of some kind. It is fine but super, super thick and has only been trimmed once in her life. It looks absolutely beautiful when it is wet but kind of poofs out a lot when it dries. I honestly don't really mind it like that and neither does she but my husband throws a fit. At this point, I am putting it in braids and leaving it like that for too long. I am looking for other ideas. We have a party to go to this weekend and I would love to let her hair out. One of the big problems we have though is that she is very tender headed (as am I) so every time I comb her hair, it involves lots of tears and screaming. If I comb it with conditioner or something while she is in the tub, do I have to comb it again when she gets out? If we decide to let her hair out, how often should I be combing it? I really don't think I would be able or willing to comb it out without sticking her in the bathtub again.
Also, I am looking for suggestions on how to weigh it down a bit once it is dry. I don't think the hair itself is all that dry, I think it's just so fine and there's so much of it that it goes a little crazy.
And while I'm posting, any suggestions on what else I can do with it? I don't know how to do cornrows and don't know anywhere I can take her to get that done. When we have tried to put it just in a ponytail, it is so thick I can't keep it all combed out enough to pull it all back without getting lumps.
I really need to figure out something that works for us as she starts school next year and my 2 year old is looking like she is going to have the exact same hair.