Hey, curlypearl. Your hair properties are like mine, seems like.

I have found the only cream that defines for me is AG Re:coil, and I've used it with and without gel. I always have to use a good amount of leave-in condish under, or it's very drying.

As far as gel that's touchable...the only ones I've used that served as being touchable have been flaxseed gelee (but I don't necessarily love the hold) and Spiral Solutions Curling Jelly. I do use gel over SS CJ usually, but I've used it without gel with touchable results. And I've used it as a refresher, too.

For a spell, the Botticelli Botanicals brulee served really well to define and hold, then my hair stopped liking it. Don't know if it just deteriorated (the BB products have to be refrigerated and don't last long, shelf-wise) or if it was seasonal, but it went from being amazing to being crap. I keep thinking of trying it again, but, well, I don't use a whole lotta product and I always ended up having to throw out the BB stuff before I'd used even HALF, cause the shelf-life issues.

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