it all started with a HORRIBLE hair cut - where the dresser took of chunks of my extra thick hait to make it 'thinner' the results were BAD layers, unhelathy ends, thick roots, and thin hair - not cute

I went to the dresser who evened it out for the most part and recommended her do a relaxer on the roots for me -for $250 - well I took a look at the product then bought it myself and did it on myself.

The results are good - my hair is def relaxed and not super straight - BUT i washed it off way too soon and its not half as relaxed as I wanted. Now my question is can i re-apply the relaxer for another 5 - 10 minutes (i should have left it on for a half hour but only did 10 minutes!)
now i know you should never re-apply, but if I only left is on for a 3rd of teh time - isn't it like i'm just leaving it on longer?

any suggestions!?!!?! thanks for your help!!!!!!!!!!!

by the way - I don't need my hair super straight - just want the roots flatter so i don't have to iron it and it can grow out healthily