(((((MojoDojo))))) I'm so sorry. I also hope you find something else really soon.


Murrrcat: I KNEW it! I KNEW those Target sports bras felt way too flimsy to be any good! I basically felt the fabric, spun on my heel and walked away, and now I have confirmation that I was right to do so. Thanks for the rec for that 3-Reasons Support Bra, too. Hm, Title Nine has a retail store near where my mother works...I wonder if it would be worth joining her on her commute to try one on.

I recently rented a deep stretch yoga video. You are flat on your back 90% of the time, but you feel it. It was a great video. Several tense spots were worked out on the first try, and I was so relaxed afterward that I melted into the ground.
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Dang, you'd be great at selling workout classes. At least from your description, deep stretch yoga sounds awesome!

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