I feel your pain I was on Micrgoynon for 3 years and then i thought it was affecting my moods so i changed to gedarel....from May till June my hair slowly started going straight...its now early October and the majority of my hair is dead straight and so thin on the sides you can see my scalp it was 3A originally and now its horrible. It used to be so thick i couldnt even get a hair bobble through it and now its thin and straight. i've totally lost all my confidence. Ive gone off gederal now and im on cerazette. Ill give it a month or so and if my hairs not even a little bit curlier im going back to microgrynon Im also on a totally new diet for my hair and on 4 different vitamines. Iron, Zinc, Folic Acid and Silica Complex, they all promote hair growth and healthy hair so maybe try those xxx all the best!