From what you're describing, it doesn't appear that your growth really slowed all that much. After all, the growth takes a long time to show when curly.
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Thanks for the reply!

And yeah, you might be right. I found even more old pics today! Even a couple more where my mom let my hair out. It was so huge and poofy back then! (possibly due to the warmer climate and humidity of the carribean). I seem to remember her using something in it to keep my hair curly, but it didn't last more than a couple hours before my hair exploded into a big ball of frizz Probably why she mostly kept it braided before I took over and started doing my own hair. My hair does also look far more drier in those pics, again probably due to the difference in weather as I now live in the US. I'm probably not very committed to the whole transition process, but I would very much like to at least try and see how far I can go!

I guess my only concerns were if my hair would start breaking off tons or something from trying to transition, or if I did go natural that my hair would not retain any length due to unmanageability. I remember my hair would laugh at combs... So many were a broken mess from me hitting snags and just roughly pulling it through my hair Now combs laugh at my hair ;( If for any reason I have a snag right now and I pull at it roughly, I'm sure my hair would give long before the comb did! (Hm.. I just had an "aha!" moment... I think that may have been my problem back then. I took the strength of my hair for granted and treated it very roughly) My hair was really strong back then but not as long as it is today. As far as styling goes, still not too sure. I'm just going to dive in and see how well I do this second go 'round as far as making it more manageable. If anything, at least I can consider it to be simply stretching my relaxer for a bit I guess

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