Ok so, still searching to figure out my porosity, and I found this as quoted by StruttsWife:

If you feel anything catching or "lifting" as you move your fingers up the hair strand, you have porous or overly porous hair. How much the cuticles lift will depend on how porous you are (and hearing a "squeak" sometimes isn't good news ... it often means your hair is suffering from lack of moisture).

I did feel some catching and lifting when I tested a few different strands, and I also did get a very faint squeak (although I'm second guessing if it was an audible sound or more of a squeaky sensation... if that makes any sense).

One other thing I remembered is that growing up in Alaska, we lived in a town called Seward for a few months at one point. That area has so much precipitation that it's actually considered a rainforest, and after a couple months of being basically damp all the time lol, my hair got downright almost CURLY! So I would take that to mean my hair likes moisture, right? But it dries very quickly on it's own after a wash. So... knowing this, what would be the best way to #1 moisturize it and #2 keep that moisture in??