are you tired of me mentioning how wonderful my co-workers are?

will you bear with me one more time?

my alarm didn't go off this morning and last night my cell phone battery ran down. i usually get the day's weather in a text about 7:15, so that wakes me up (because my purse hangs on a hook in the hall outside my bedroom door) if the alarm doesn't go off.

i woke up at 10 after 8 this morning. when i looked out the window, there was Ryan's car. i grabbed the phone, plugged it in and texted him to go ahead without me. and he said he'd wait because he has to stay here until 7 tonight.

isn't that the sweetest???

and i managed to have a shower, get dressed, get some makeup on and get my lunch stuff together and out the door in 20 minutes flat!

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