For someone who's so sure she doesn't like KCCC, I'm having the *best* time playing around with it to see if I can make it work.

Ok, so KCCC + EVOO is a keeper. Now I've tried KCCC + CJ CIAB (which much to my great disappointment, I haven't liked much either ), and again, the results are actually pretty good!!

I'm thinking it might be the viscosity of KCCC that just isn't working for my hair. ??? IDK. But so far when I've mixed it with EVOO or CJ CIAB, it has distributed much, much better throughout my hair than KCCC does on its own. Next time, I might even just spritz a little water into my palm and mix it together with the KCCC before applying.

If that works, I may have figured out how to keep KCCC in my rotation of stylers (good because it's CG), and to stretch the product a little (good because it saves me some money!)
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