Not sure if I'll stick with it, but my blog now has a name that wasn't already taken! Yay!!

I also elevated my bed all by my lonesome today and did a bunch of cleaning. I am the champion!! Plus I impressed my therapist yesterday with the fact that one of my "baby goals" was cleaning the bathtub. She was like, "That's not a baby goal," which I said was exactly what I realized during/after the task. That was seriously tiring and didn't give me much of a morale boost, but...I did it. I'm doing stuff. It's not going to be super speedy, but this recovery is happening.

Oh, Molly. You poor, poor thing. You need self esteem. Sherlock, if you're going to deduce at people like a total jerk, you could at least inform her of likely reasons for her attachment to an emotionally distant man like you and list off some good places to get counseling.

The rest of my comments will have to wait, but that one just couldn't. Poor Molly.

My mom totally knows what I'm doing. Well, y'know what, let her judge, because I accomplished stuff like crazy today. (Just gonna act like it's not 6:19 tomorrow. Yup.) So I haven't accomplished the diurnal thing yet - the fact remains that I'm making legitimate progress. I don't have to (and can't, which I must remember) make all the progress at once. Baby steps. They're working!
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Yay, that's progress and you should feel proud! I'm so glad you're seeing results.

What is this blog name so I can bookmark it immediately and stalk it daily?!

I need to finish Sherlock. I kind of forgot about it.
I did finish Princess Tutu though! Shh, no talking about my staying up till 4 AM to watch the last four episodes. I'm glad Ahiru stopped crushing on Mytho and got lots of moments with Fakir, who was a much hotter piece of ass anyway.
The ending was really beautiful to look at, if bittersweet.