I doubt it.

And the dog is having surgery today..... so its all my fault that I'm "doing this" to the dog.

"Doing this" btw is getting out of the car and finishing at the gas pump. Somehow I "do it with no self respect". WTF?!?!?!? So she says nasty things to the dog (who was getting her pre-surgery blood tests done) as I'm finishing with the gas. I get in and there is a problem. And supposedly the problem is with how I proceed to have an attitude.

I hate fighting with her. I hate that it is my fault. I hate that I can't get her to understand that the fight doesn't happen when I get in. It started when she chose how to express her thoughts about something. Instead of asking me and talking to me with respect.

How can someone seriously have no respect for themselves in how they finish at the gas pump? All I did was exit the car, walk two-three steps to the pump, pull it out and place it on the island. At this point I can already hear her inside the car mouthing off.

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