Ok, I washed my hair! And I have to say I was a bit skeptical, I read many reviews that this one actually gives better results than the Originam QOD Max. Better than QOD MAX???!! I could not believe that .
But the end result is.... I LOVE IT!

I was worried when I came out of the shower, I did not know what to expect. I applied a little bit if Suave Keratin Infusion leave in conditioner and a bit or argan oil, and allow my hair to air dry. It dried straight!! I did not have to flat iron at all! Not even my bangs! As time goes by it will start drying out in that awesome "beachy" waves I adore. For now I enjoy the luxury of straight, soft hair.
Hair dried so soft I can't stop touching it. Now I notice more body than the Original QOD MAX. I think this might be better than the QOD Max I fell in love with. Air drying straight, soft and with body?! I am hooked!

I will report more after a couple of weeks and see how it is holding on.

I still need to do a color correction in two weeks, after a chaotic hair color disaster, lets see what happen. I intent to reapply again soon after I get my color fixed. I am attaching pictures. My kitchen light makes my hair look more red than what it actually is. This was a result of a bad hair dye job. This is why I needed sooo bad to give my hair some TLC before doing another process to fix this mess. The cam does not capture the pretty shine my hair has.

I know what my favorite girlfriends will be getting for Christmas!
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