I had straight hair when I was little, but it turned curly when I hit puberty. My mother has had straight hair her whole life - same fine, dry strands as mine, but still stick straight. You can probably see where this is going: I used a hair brush - with those hard, plastic bristles - on my hair, both wet and dry. I could not figure out why I couldn't get any knots out. The more I brushed, the worse the knots and frizz got, and the more breakage and attendant flyaways amounted. I actually ended up with "rat's nests" - HUGE, visible knots that I had to go to middle school with. I eventually ended up having to actually cut them out with scissors. I remember a boy on the school bus actually saying, "Don't you ever brush your hair?" and my dad kept yelling at me to do just that every day...I actually WAS brushing it, which was the problem.

Eventually, a hairdresser had to tell me and my mother that you should never, ever use a brush on hair that wasn't straight, and even if your hair is straight, you should only use a comb on wet hair. Fortunately, I learned this the summer before high school, so I didn't have to show up for freshman year with rat's nests.

I still JUST learned to fully care for my hair from this website, but the info about the comb did help immensely.
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