Very interesting read. I like the way it was broken down. They really should officially define categories, or types, for this behavior.

I've seen little ones hurt animals by accident, or not understand their own force, experiment, etc. I've known some kids who unfortunately took out frustrations on animals after abuse. It is incredibly sad.

The girl I know would absolutely fall in the red flag category, even though she is still in a younger age range. She takes pleasure in shooting her step brother (who lives with my brother and sister in law due to both his parents losing custody for neglecting him) with a BB gun. That was her 4th birthday present, and the last thing that child needs. She really does enjoy inflicting pain on people and pets. I do not know her mom well, at all. I've only seen her a handful of times. We do not mesh well because I will tell her daughter to calm down if she is acting out/violent in my or my parents house. She doesn't like that so she normally does not come to my house when her husband visits. Thankfully, thats rare. I do not know her biological father. She was already ruthless at 3, when I met her. I just know her step dad is not very present, in any way, and has horrible taste in women. I wouldn't doubt she has seen some things. I have heard that both her biological parents have horrible tempers and love to fight.
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A BB gun @ age 4, coupled with the behavior she has already displayed, pretty much ensures a violence filled future. She probably will be the one inflicting the violence.
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Absolutely. That blew my mind. She was jumping on people and pulling their hair out the first time my family met her. I was taking pictures of my oldest nephews and the next thing I know this she devil was on their shoulders scratching, kicking, hitting and ripping. It was quite the introduction. I have a picture of it. You see jet black hair, red eyes, and a incredibly angry little face. That's where all my Omen references started. I knew things would only get worse when they got her the BB gun. I'm glad her step brother no longer sees her often. He was a sad and nervous little wreck before she came along. Wouldn't eat in front of people, would only eat bread and occasionally peanut butter. Her torture was the last thing he needed.
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I hope she receives professional intervention before it is too late.

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