Acorns are funny little things. They look so cartoonish to me.


People have been really bugging me lately (shocking, I know). It seems like everywhere I am/stand, somebody has no problem just going right in front of me, no matter where I am or the line I'm in. They just walk right in front of me! I'm selecting produce, they go in front of me, I'm in line to sign my kids out if school, they just go right in front of me. I never say a word, but in my head I'm all, wth?!

So today in the grocery store I get to the checkout line the same time as this older gentleman. He had less in his cart than I, so I told him to go ahead of me. When he went to leave, he turned around and gave me a very honest thank you. It was nice. It only takes a minute to be nice to someone.


Last month I was homicidal. This month I have zero PMS. Huh.

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