My hair is fine, but dense.. porous & lovesss protein

for the past couple of months ive been using Aloe Juice straight up in a spritz on my hair after washing and applying my leave in..
basically, I rinse my conditioner with warm water.. apply my leave in, spritz with cold aloe juice, emulsify it all together then seal with an oil or butter. I love it, I dont know if my hair is healthier or its the aloe juice balancing the ph/"sealing".. but my hair retains moisture alot better than before AND, my results are more consistent[ly good].

funny you say it acts like a protein on your hair because on mine protein helps me retain moisture & so does the aloe.. I will have to further investigate this.
Either way im going to continue to use the aloe that way! & I surely did cop that $7 Gallon from Walmart HippyChic mentioned a cpl weeks ago LOL