Specka, what's a bladder tack? Something to keep the bladder from prolapsing?

CP - really?

Juanab - how old were you?

These are all the things I've heard: sex feels dry, sex feels rough, sex hurts, orgasms are less enjoyable, orgasms are fewer, orgasms are weaker, orgasms are nonexistant, sexual arousal is gone, there is incontinence, there is pain, there is immediately menopause w/ or w/o ovaries, there are hematomas, there are fistulas, there is exhaustion, there is depression, there is organ propapse, there are follow up and corrective surgeries, there is regret, there is misery, there is celibacy, there is frigidity, there are suicidal ideations...


I can understand women w/ no options and terribe symptoms getting the hyst and being happy w/ the outcome if they were miserable before.

But I am losing about half a thimble-full of blood a day, most of which comes out at one time, and then I am done. It's barely anything, just an inconvenience. I have no pain or other symptoms. No idea where exactly it's coming from, what is causing it or if it will correct itself.

Someone told me I am trying to swat a fly w/ a cannonball...and I may live to regret that I was soooooo aggressive.

That I should see hyst only as an absolute last resort. Is it really that important to keep all my parts?? I was thinking I might lose a little in the way of sexual intensity but I would have more peace of mind (no cancer scares in the future) and freedom from periods and this abnormal bleeding.

Am I taking this too lightly?

(I'm still monitoring my condition and if it corrects itself before the H date, I will cancel.)
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Do you feel exactly the same as before (minus the endo symptoms)?
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Even better. No dryness, libido as high as ever, no worry about getting pregnant, no period, no pms (I always felt like I could rip someone's head off).
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Wow. That's great. Very encouraging.

(I think I hate having periods about 10,000x more than the average woman.)
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That's actually what it is. I had the problem of sneezing and peeing myself, coughing and peeing myself, walking and peeing myself...well you see? I always had constant bladder infections and had to wear thick pads all the time. My sex drive has actually gone through the roof and I have to use no extra lubrications. No pain, no bleeding, and no worries. I have more engery because I'm not anemia, I am happy because the pain is gone, and I don't have to worry worry about birth control either. I'd say it was 100% positive experience for me. I have no regrets. I had it recommended by 3 different doctors starting the age of 25.

I wouldn't tread into it lightly because you do put yourself at greater risk of developing osteoporsis and heart disease. Estrogen protects your bones and heart. It is a major surgery and not just one for convienence. It should give you better healthy and quality of life. The quality of life was an issue for me because i was sick, anemic, very tired and achy all the time. Now I'm very healthy and not sleeping on the couch all weekend because I was too weak and tired to do anything.

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