We're doing an article on some of the things a stylist should never say to a curly client. We'd love to hear your ideas.

Originally Posted by Michelle
My worst salon experience came after growing my super short pixie for about a year. I'd finally gotten it to about a collar length shag and I had been flat ironing it every day the whole time it was short and as it grew. Every time I went in for a trim, I asked about moving my hair into a cut and shape that would allow me to wear my natural texture and every time my stylist assured me that my natural texture was "horrible and fuzzy" and that no one would want to wear hair like that. He would actually make fun of my hair as he was drying it and talk about how awful and ugly it was. (A full strength dryer at full heat on curly hair, by the way). One day he informed me that if I was tired of "burning" my hair straight every day, I should just have a keratin treatment and my life would be changed for the better. I let him do it and to my horror, as he was "burning" the keratin into my hair with a 500 degree flat iron (the final step in the process), my hair started to break off in clumps. I left the salon in tears and fired him the same day. I went to a new place the next day and had to get a super short pixie AGAIN after all that growing. My hair was still so damaged that it took nearly a year to get it restored enough to begin growing it again. Even though my new stylist was quite good, she also talked about how "awful and gross" my natural texture is and encouraged me to continue flat ironing it every day so it would look like "human" hair. After DEMANDING a cut that would allow me to wear and work with my natural texture, it's been almost a year since I've touched my flat iron and my hair gets curlier and curlier the longer it gets. As it turns out there is absolutely nothing wrong with my natural texture at all-----I'd just never been shown how to care for it or what products to use! I am now currently seeing a Deva certified stylist who has assured me that my hair is not only gorgeous, but that it will be nothing short of spectacular when it gets long. I'm at a very awkward length stage right now and he has shown me some styling tricks to get past it while educating me on curl formation, my hair, and why in just a few short months my hair will be past the awkward stage and into a great bob. He has NEVER suggested cutting it or changing it other than a bit of a clean up around the back to facilitate a better shape while growing it. Even at this awful in-between stage, I get compliments on my hair everywhere I go, every single day, mostly because of the fabulous ringlets that are starting to emerge as they get long enough to form. People cannot believe that it's natural and always want to know how I get my hair to "do that".

Bottom line: Don't EVER tell a curly that her hair texture is unacceptable or ugly. You should never assume that she is straightening her hair because she prefers it straight. She is most likely straightening her hair because she believes that her hair is unruly and in need of taming. Instead teach her how to care for it and bring out it's natural beauty.