Romney had an advantage tonight. Anyone in his position would because they have the opportunity to exploit the incumbent Presidents weaknesses. He made sure to say prior to the debate and during the debate that the president will tell untruths. He made sure to say that because now he has the privilege of precedence. And stupid people will believe what he says even though it will be proven to be untrue.

I was disappointed in Obama a little because he was way too passive. He had a lot of ammunition against Romney and barely touched it, if at all. He let Romney tell blatant lies and didn't challenge him enough. He didn't come for Romney about what he perceives to be middle class, the 47% or the parallel 716 billion dollar "something" from Medicare.

But Romney wasn't impressive by any means. He gave no details to how he would create jobs, none to his taxes plan and deductions, he didn't distinguish the difference between his healthcare plan from Obamas.

While the debate was entertaining, it was the same old song that each candidate has been singing. Not moved at all. I never considered voting for Romney and I wasn't expecting to change my mind tonight.

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