This is what I wrote on Facebook and this is how I feel:

My thoughts on tonight's debate: (1) There was a clear loser: Jim Lehrer. That was the worst debate format I've probably ever seen. As a result we got nothing but repetitive answer that went on for over five minutes. (2) Romney did well. Tomorrow the fact checkers will tear him apart for all his lies. (3) President Obama (and democrats in general a lot of times) has to stop believing that being on the right side of the issue is enough. It's not enough.
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Co-signing all of this. Jim Lehrer was lame-sauce and got run the eff over in this debate. Where is Gwen Ifill when we need her?

I need Obama to step it up. This aloof hanging back approach is not gonna cut it. I feel he and and his communications team are banking on the assumption that Romney will hang himself. Unfortunately, Obama & Co. need to realize that the majority of American voters don't follow politics all that closely to separate RomRom fact from fiction.
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