I'm usually not asked this. But a year or so ago, a person came up to me- I didn't even know him- and asked if I was mixed...He obviously was. I'm not, I have dark brown 3A hair and green eyes. I'm German and a little Native American (My grandma's grandpa). I get really tan during the summer, which is why he asked. But I get white as snow in the winter. Think people.

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Hmmmm.....you ARE mixed....you just wrote you're German and Native American. Having darker curly hair and green eyes isn't what a lot of people think of as typically pure white. IJS.

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Lol I'm white and Native American (MIXED), and I constantly get asked what am I? Nowadays, the question is usually asked more tactfully, but believe me, growing up in Baltimore no one had ever seen a Native person so...
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