My hair like acvj - it pops those coils just as good as terressentials mid wash. I'm using protein but only once per month and trying to deep condish but I haven't found one that's great yet so a combo of protein condtr AO GPB and Himalaya Amla and Holy Basil condtr together. Working out pretty good

I also have CJ Beauticurls protein condtr. Difference with that and gpb, GPB lengthens my hair and it like disappears immediately into it 😨. Not really a great Detangler. The CJ flows real nice softens and easily Detangles hair goes in quick and gives bounce but shrinks hair just a tiny smidge.

But I def recommend acvj and yea my hair likes aloe too. Most products I have have aloe in them kbn Shealoe leave in is good but I just bought aloe Vera juice so...
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