Honestly it's not my fault!!! But thank you!! I think because it's brand new and I haven't had a chance to damage it! I don't remember that it was this curly before it fell out, but then I spent all my time blow drying it and being kind of mean to it! (no wonder it hated me and all fell out )

All I do is basically follow the CG book. I No-Poo every other day or so. Leave most of the One-C in (although now I tend to rinse more of it out, I seem to be very well conditioned now) I scrunch dry with a microfiber towel, then scrunch in Angell. Usually I clip up some of the roots. Then I air-dry about 1/2 hour, while I am getting dressed, makeup, feed the dogs, etc. It takes an hour and a half for my hair to dry completely, so I diffuse for about 5-10 minutes to finish drying. Then I shake and scrunch upside down and then scrunch in about 5-6 spritzes of Set-It-Free sprayed onto my hands. Try to make sure to lay off the blow-dryer at least once a week.

OK, I have to edit this!! I just looked at your pictures and I want your hair! LOL!! That is exactly the length that I want to get to and I think my curls will look alot like that at that length. Sigh......guess I just have to wait! Yours is so thick and long! When mine was that length before it never looked as healthy. I am hoping and hoping that someday mine will look like yours!!!
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Thanks coming from you that is a real big compliment. I am thinking about cutting it short but I am waiting for it to grow all one length. Last time it was cut it was layered and frankly I can't stand having uneven curls. I like having even hair length all over so I may cut it short like yours in a couple of months, we will see.
Don't change what your are doing because your hair is soo beautiful and I can tell that it will be even more beautiful the longer it gets.
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