Have you tried the pineapple technique for sleeping with your hair in a ponytail yet? It consists of putting your hair up in a ponytail (usually with a loose scrunchie or other gentle, non-damaging holder) at the very top of your head. It keeps your curls from rubbing against your pillowcase and flattening out overnight - you can just do a quick spritz/gel/revitalizer thing in the AM if you're going for second or third day hair. There are some great YouTube videos on the naturallycurly.com channel as well as waterlily716 channel (she seriously has the BEST CG demo and advice videos - both on the NC channel and her own channel).

I can relate to chopping off my hair in frustration out of not knowing what to do with them - I once got sick and tired of the dryness, breakage, and frizziness and chopped off most of my hair in frustration. And then, people would come up to me and tell me I looked just like "Felicity." I took it as a compliment - Keri Russell is gorgeous - even though the consensus during the second season of that show seemed to be that she'd made a mistake by hacking her hair off.

Interestingly, I read that it was Russell's decision to cut her hair off and keep it curly, and she didn't notify the producers that she was going to do it. The writers had to incorporate it into the plot after the fact.

I kind of hate how she always seems to have her hair straightened for roles now (and possibly in real life, too). I thought her curls were awesome! It's kind of sad that few of the stylists in Hollywood know how to care for curly hair.
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