I'm transitioning into the Curly Girl world. I've tried to read through the threads and have tried some of the products that are being used by other members as a kind of guide. I lean towards drug store brands, but am willing to try online/higher end products if they don't cost and absolute fortune! LOL!

Here's my problem. I use hair gel at night (or that morning if I do my hair) and when I take my hair out of the pineapple buy hair is generally pretty soft. Next day though my hair is absolute straw! I add water, try to gentle comb through using and extra wide toothed comb but it still feels awful. Last gel I used was totally twisted. I've also tried adding conditioner (Jessicurl-Curl Cream) but seems like I'm adding more product and still not getting softness.

Can anyone recommend a gel, combo, or technique that will stop this? Thanks!