Omagad you re gorgeous, Aphro! (great lips btw)
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Thank you Bruchilda! Just to think that in school they used to make fun of me and my big lips, and now I get compliments!! THANK YOU!

I LOVE your hair!
And actually that colour seems to be really nice!
I like!

So do you consider Kerapremium better than QOD?
How many days did you let it sit on your hair?

Unfortunately I m getting a bit of frizz and dryness at the ends after a couple of washes....I hope I ll have better results with Kerap.

What about the fumes? Were they stronger or same as QODs'?
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Thank you! Thank You! Thank You! I just want to tone the color down a bit, under the son it looks too orange and yellow

Ok, the fumes are as strong as the QOD. But so far I think this is a better formula! (or the slightly different application method makes a big difference?) After washing your hair, and drying it, you apply the treatment, let it rest on hair for 10 minutes, then blow dry hair, then flat iron passing 4-5 times. (I let my cousin borrow the printed instructions, I forgot the heat amount but I know it was lower than the QOD max instructions)

My hair has that extra body! And it is amazingly soft, I can't stop touching my hair. The QOD will leaves it soft, but this one is a silky soft you just cant stop touching.
The QOD leaves the hair straight as well with volume reduction , but Kerapremium leaves the hair straight but with a gorgeous body!

No noticeable changes on my hair ends yet, they look perfect! Lets see if after a couple of washes I have to trim them. but so far, perfect! I think the fact that the instructions tell you to pass the flat iron 4-5 time over the hair instead of the 7plus times that QOD instructions read makes a big difference.

I left the treatment 48 hours (printed instruction say to leave for 24-48 hours) I wanted to leave the treatment more time, since the online instruction read 48 to 72hrs, but I was too desperate to compare with the QOD.

I have not yet touch my flat iron, I woke up with gorgeous hair.

I love this product!